I discussed the master’s thesis at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Al-Qadisiyah University (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine) by the student (Sari Baqir Al-Moussawi) and under the supervision of (A.M. Zahira Abdul-Jabbar Al-Zuhairi): Comparison of performance of broiler supplemented with organic and inorganic zinc

The message aims; Comparing the effect of dietary addition of organic and inorganic zinc compounds on the efficiency of production performance and some biochemical and hematological parameters in broilers.

The message stated: Adding organic and inorganic zinc to the basic diet can improve the productive performance of broilers and their biochemical and hematological parameters.

The thesis concluded: Adding organic and inorganic zinc to the basic diet led to improving the performance of broilers, as well as biochemical and blood parameters in broiler chickens.

The letter recommended: We recommend studying the economic feasibility of this experiment by examining costs and revenues and showing the best transactions economically.

  1. One of the things that should be noted is that the study showed that the recommended rates indicated in the NRC (1994) are lower than those indicated in many studies, which confirmed the need for the birds’ immune system to reach higher levels. Zinc improves the immune system, which plays an effective role in poultry.

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